"A breath taking tour, the moment you open the oyster to search for the pearl is the best feeling ever, a great tour to experience with the family and friends. thanks to the great pearl journey guides, thank you all"
Laura Pat, Marasy Co Group

"I've never experienced such a tour before, this is truly the best cultural program to try when visiting Abu Dhabi, highly recommended"
Alan Park,

"This is Excellent program. My team had an amazing experience and they really loved the part of searching for the pearl.Definitely worth to try and I highly recommend it."
J. Patt, CEO, MIRA

"As an Emirati I felt so proud to experience this special pearl tour and I truly recommend it to all Emiratis and of course expats who wants to know more about our history, heritage and culture, Ali and his team are really doing great job and every detail is just so enriching for the soul, heart and mind to learn more about our beautiful culture and the history of the pearl diving industry in the region."
Al Darmaki, J Museum Dept. Director, Shk. Zayed Center for Research and Studies

"It was a beautiful experience with the oysters then a pearl. The crew were so charming and cheerful. I would love to come again with my family and friends."
Jara Onar

"Great experience! So much fun to get your own pearl! Also, don't forget to actually eat the oysters. Great boat tour & great tour guides! A must!"

"It's really an amazing experience."

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